What is a brand and why is it so important to develop one for personal and professional success? Is it more than just a cool logo or attention-getting graphic? This article will discuss some of the fundamentals and driving forces behind building a successful brand and how that relates to domain names and domain name investing.

Regardless of which industry you are in, if you aren’t already established in terms of being recognized as a leader in your field, you need to build a very strong brand to get the attention you need to attract customers and increase your sales. To do that, you have to stand out from your competitors right from the beginning.

The fundamentals of a business brand.

When new entrepreneurs first start out, they are often captivated by the thrill of starting their own business and all the “shiny objects” or tools that are available to help them launch their business.

From a bird’s-eye view, the process to create a company brand or business brand can seem quite simple…

1. Select a name.

2. Register the domain and add it to DNS (Domain Name Server).

3. Develop a website.

But when you dig deeper, there are several key things to consider and decisions that must be made.

The Power of Branding

When choosing a name to call your business, the most important part is ensuring that the name is distinctive and unique enough. Also, there are other factors that are critical for the success of your business brand, such as; trademark, the name itself and also building the name through the power of naming conventions, which can be done by following a couple simple rules below.

1. Taken to its logical extreme – the word ‘brand’, in its most general meaning, is defined as the appearance of a whole by the sum. This basically means that every aspect of your company’s brand is congruent with each other creating one consistent and defined image for your target audience.

2. Make it personal – it’s important to choose a name that resonates with the target audience. People often refer to a company as a ‘brand’. The correct application of terms is ‘branding’ to help make a name memorable and meaningful for your customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

3. Your brand as a business isn’t a matter of how many customers you have, but how many of your customers are satisfied with your product and how many trust your brand identity. With that as a goal, this should define every aspect of your brand identity or brand positioning.

Choosing a right domain name for your brand.

With most of the world still just starting to understand the implications of SEO, your brand is already being defined in a way that is out of reach for most SEO professionals. And that is why choosing the domain name for the brand you have chosen can be absolutely critical.

The domain name describes the address of your website and can include a company name. The domain name gives direction about the website’s authority. Most importantly, the domain name is your target audience’s entry point to your Website and overall customer journey and experience. After all, your business can only live up to its online image if everyone can easily recognize it, find it or share it. For example, the domain name for The Domaining Club is domainingclub.com.

Where can you find a brandable domain for your business?

Besides brandable domain marketplaces like BrandBucket, SquadHelp and BrandPa, The Domaining Club also has upcoming events on May 26 and June 2. We will be holding our Phrases, Brandables and 4 or 5 Letter .COM Domains Auction including popular, iconic cultural phrases and more than 50+ brandable and 4 or 5 letter .com domain names that can be used for your business.

Anyone interested in placing a bid prior to the event can go to www.dclub.auction to view the entire list of domains submitted for the events.

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