Follow The Domaining Club on Clubhouse for notifications when the rooms open for each event.

• Please mute your mic when you’re not speaking.

• Please make sure that your contact information (email address, Instagram or Twitter handle, etc.) is listed in your Clubhouse profile to facilitate completing any domain transactions after the event has concluded.

• All domain sellers will need to have an account in order to participate in the “Buy-It-Now (BIN) Domains” events.



• When you join the event room and are interested in participating as a seller or buyer, raise your hand to request to join the stage. Sellers must be present in order for their domain to be showcased live.

• If you join the stage, you agree not to block anyone on Clubhouse, and you agree to unblock anyone you have blocked. This is to allow members of The Domaining Club and those interested in the club to be in the room and participate. Blocking others disrupts the event.

• You may submit a domain or domain package by 10:00 AM EST the day of the scheduled event. The earlier you submit a domain, the earlier we may review the domains, and the more exposure it will get as we will promote some of the domains submitted throughout our social media network. All domains will be vetted, in terms of quality. Not all domains will be showcased live during our events; however, all submissions will be available to view on our website. You may include a link to a buy-it-now page for each submission. The domains marked as “featured” will be the domains showcased live during our events.

• Submissions not called live will not roll over to the next event.

• In order for your submission to be accepted, you will need to fill out the form in its entirety.

• Sellers determine the buy it now price for domains or domain packages submitted. 

• If more than one person chooses to accept the buy-it-now price within 30 seconds, buyers have the opportunity to present a higher offer. 15 seconds will be added to the clock to allow for an opportunity for higher offers than the buy it now price. 

• If no offers are received for the buy-it-now price within 30 seconds, 15 seconds will be added to the clock to allow for offers below the buy-it-now price. The seller has the option to accept or deny offers below the buy-it-now price.



• Transactions (payment and transfer) must be completed with buyers & sellers within 24 hours from the time of sale.

• If a seller or buyer does not complete or backs out of a transaction, they will be banned from participating in all future The Domaining Club events.

• The Domaining Club is not responsible for ensuring that transactions are completed.

WHY SIGN UP AS A MEMBER? (aka Member Perks)

• In the future, only members will be available to submit domains for sale in all events.

• Beginning immediately, members will be able to view all domains submitted in real time, names that SOLD and DID NOT SELL as well as other details about each domain.

• Members will have access to our private, online community which will serve as the home-base for all our domaining followers and fans from all of our profiles on social media including Clubhouse. Build deeper relationships with other domainers both inside and outside of Clubhouse.

• You’ll be added to our Waitlist for features only available to members once they get rolled out including unlimited custom landing pages for your domains, a CRM to keep track of your inbound leads and outbound selling efforts and more.

• Get access to member-only education events both on and off of Clubhouse!